March 18, 2015



When does love fade?

Does love fade when it’s forgotten?

Or does it fade when it’s nowhere same when it started in?

Does it fade in the absence of chocolates and bouquets?

Or perhaps when there is no more chase?

Does it fade when someone new comes along?

Can someone just wipe it off like its never wrong?

Does it fade with time?

Or does it fade when it is no longer understood?

When would you know?

Or will you ever know?

Or does it even fade?

Or if really did fade, was it love?


A Letter From GOD


Dear Caryl,

You will have a wonderful life. You will have many families, although the best is right in your home.

You will have plenty of friends by age 15, even though only few will still treat you the same in your early 20’s—this few will be the best and you won’t need more.

You will suffer many heartbreaks even before you reach your 20’s—heartbreak in all forms. Some people will mock at your suffering, pretend to care when they don’t, some will try to pull you down, or even pull you away from Me, but you will not allow that.

You will be stronger each day for you are with Me.

Some will try to get what you have, some will steal things away from you—but you can let it go, because I can see Your sacrifices and sufferings, and I will give you much more than what you’ve lost. Just have faith in Me.

Your curiosity will lead you to many questions, but there will be people who will help you wander through life to answer those. Some of them will only stay until you solve some of your questions, while some will stay for good, for you to help them answer their own questions.

By age 21 you might start to understand that each heartbreak you overcome are all for a greater purpose—to make you the best.

You will have near death experience, or even times when you have to hang on a thin thread but you will not die. You will not die because you won’t allow it. You will not die because I am with you.

Love always and forever,


Ragged to Glitters

I had to go to a party last time, that was when I realize that I don’t really own a long gown. All I had are range of cocktail dresses. Since I don’t like the idea of renting, (because it’s expensive for something you won’t really own), I went to the “ukay-ukay” with my workmates and tried to check some.

I bought a dress for Php 100.00, and since it needed a lot of fixing, I had to sew it with my own hands. I had to make it smaller to fit my body, and I had to change the strap.


All in all, I spent around 150pesos, including the cloth, thread, and the needle. 🙂


You will be where God wants you to be…

When I graduated, I had this well made plan on where to work, and applied there instantly. I waited for the employer to call me back, but a month passed and I didn’t hear anything from them. I lose patience and applied somewhere else, and later on started working there. Few days after I started working on my second option, I received a call from the first job which I initially applied, it was devastatingly late for me, because I just signed the contract for a different job at that time. So I had to refuse.

I felt terrible at that time, but I wouldn’t have realize either that the position I applied is a position I am not interested in, which I learned through the job I got.

I am now currently working in my first option, but in exactly different position at the perfect time.

At times we encounter frustrating and annoying moments in our lives, moments that we wish had never happened, or moments wherein we wonder why it’d happened.

Not getting the desired job, or perhaps losing a job, missing a bus or a train, being stuck on a traffic, and the list goes on.

I just posted not long ago that my grandfather (fraternal grandpa) passed away last December 2016.

Last November 2016, while I was visiting my cousins in the city, they were arguing as to why some medicines of our grandfather were left in the city, while our grandfather was away in his hometown. To calm them all I told them that I will deliver the medicine to our grandfather that day, and because of that I was able to see my grandfather, chat with him, and I was even able to gave him an advance Christmas present.

Who would have thought that–that would be our last chat…

Just before my grandfather passed away, my mother filed for a new year vacation, which was denied by my cousin who happens to be her direct head. My cousin instead changed her leave application into Christmas break instead of new years’.  My mother was furious, for she has always been going on vacation every new year, because it is her father’s death anniversary (my maternal grandfather).

Who would have thought that it would be just what we would need–because before Christmas, my grandpa died.

There are so many things that are beyond our understanding–but we just have to hang on to our faith after all, God has better plans for us. Always.