Peek In My Window


More than a religion, I have..

† Jesus Christ! †

I have passion for classical music, and arts, but whenever I am in a sour mood I tend to listen to rock songs.

I am a desperate singer though I am aware I am deaf tone.

I can read musical notes but I can’t play well.

I can play the piano and violin for years but I am still an amateur until now.


My life isn’t that boring at all, trust me.

I may sound like a poor unfortunate child but actually I’m not, though I don’t know if there’s is something I’m good at, I am certain that I have a supportive family and a bunch of comical cousins.

I seldom love to be alone, not to become one of those emotional hardcore fella or something… but to watch animes, and asian movies.

I cry a lot and I always do until now, it might be about a film, my life, other’s life, or I just wanna cry.

I have different collections some are DVD’s, paper dolls, yu-gi-oh cards…

There are things I dislike about my attitude been figuring one each day but without these things I won’t be me.

Everyday is a day worth accepting and correcting myself, that’s why I always try to wake up with a thankful heart to begin my day. A new day for corrections, and a new day for learning.  😉


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