When does love fade?

Does love fade when it’s forgotten?

Or does it fade when it’s nowhere same when it started in?

Does it fade in the absence of chocolates and bouquets?

Or perhaps when there is no more chase?

Does it fade when someone new comes along?

Can someone just wipe it off like its never wrong?

Does it fade with time?

Or does it fade when it is no longer understood?

When would you know?

Or will you ever know?

Or does it even fade?

Or if really did fade, was it love?



Its not about her being alive,

Its about her being repeatedly killed,

Its not about how you feed and dress her,

but how you said you fed her,

and how you tear her dress open,

It’s for the times you get jealous,

times you push her down the stairs,

and times you humiliate her in front of your friends

It’s about how you brag about your love

but dated so many.

It’s not about you killing her,

nor the 2 or 3 cuts on her wrist,

It’s about the regret from saying ‘Yes’

that keeps on killing her,

It’s all about why she did it.

It’s not about you, it’s about her.

Our Kind of Love

I am living with a lonely love,

A love with no holding of hands,

A love I cannot brag around,

I stay single in everybody’s eyes,

but we understand each others glance.

I cannot run to hug him nor surprise him,

We keep walking on eggshells.

Few love like ours needs courage and great sacrifice,

Just for me to touch him, or walk with him,

I fear the day we get to be scrutinize,

 We are not all lies, we are just in fear and in pain,

all at the same time.

If there is right or wrong tell me if I’ve gone astray,

Only that I cannot change that we are both-HE.


Poet’s Dilemma


I can write about sugar and honey,

or probably lemon and tea,

I can write about business and money,

Even if  they’d think it’s all about me,

I can write about life,

or love and hate strife,

or that cut she got with the knife,

and much deeper like afterlife.

I can write about the sun and the sky,

or how people part without goodbye,

or how relationships were ruined with a lie,

Its not always about me, not even for you to pry.

My Alpha-Class Love

Jean Caryl Barquilla

(In case he’d come across my blog at least he’d know this is me)

I’ve never posted a poem in awhile. It’s not like I don’t want to, its just that I’ve been not-so-inspired to do so.

Since I’ve been on cloud 9 lately with my boyfriend. My second boyfriend, and hopefully my last. Here’s my new poem dedicated for him. Inspired by our X-Men movie marathon from night till dawn. 🙂

To my one and only,

If I may hold Professor X’s telepathic powers,

I’d dwell on your thoughts every second of the day,

Talk with you wherever you may be.

I’d project my own thoughts for you—

then you’d know how you’ve taken control over my mind.

If you’d be Magneto then let me be your Mystique,

and I’d be your #1 follower and fan,

For you were one of the people who accepted me for who I am,

And if you’d go for further mutation and turned Beast,

Rest assured I’ll still be your Mystique.

If by chance I can teleport like Nightcrawler,

I’d go to you in an instant and we’ll teleport to places we’d love.

If I’d be Rogue then you’d be my Wolverine—

For in you, I feel safe.

My love is greater than Iceman’s ice and Pyro’s fire,

And remains greater compared to the whole mutants combined power,

And if time comes that my hair turns as white as Storm’s,

I’d continue to love you still.

PS. I love you Ivan. I really do. Sending you hugs and kisses.

Save Me


To where should I go amidst this crossroads,

Thy born without vows, thy born without words,

Let me hear other than just what I feel,

For what I feel is a feeling so unreal.

To where should I go amidst all these doubts,

I maintain powerless to puzzle out,

Just let me hear those words that I’m longing,

If you will, I’ll stay—still, I’ll be waiting.

The Risk


As I think about the good times we’ve been through,

As I think about the tears we’ve been into,

I think of love, I think of me and you,

But sometimes we just need to let things go.

Love is never enough, it never is,

If not, it will never turn out like this,

It also needs time, and a room to grow,

There’s happiness but there’s also sorrow.