Just One Smile Is Very Alluring (LOVE 020) Review


First Chinese drama that hooked me from episode 1 up to the last episode (30).

Starring Yang Yang as (Xiao Nai)  and Zheng Shuang (Bei Wei Wei).

An interesting story between university student gamers.

A very ideal love story between two people that goes to the same university, a campus hunk and a campus goddess who plays the same game, married in the game but doesn’t know each other in real life.

Xiao Nai in a number 1 player in the server, while Bei Wei Wei is the 7th in the same server (and the only female). Xiao Nai became interested and proposed to Bei Wei Wei in the game after seeing her play in an internet cafe. Bei Wei Wei is attracted to Xiao Nai  in real life,  since they go in the same university, but nevertheless, Bei Wei Wei does not know that Xiao Nai is her husband in the game. Bei Wei Wei thought that the only reason Xiao Nai married her in the game is to accomplish couple quest.

It is a very lighthearted series, funny and romantic all at the same time.






Anohana: The Flower We Saw That Day (あの日見た花の名前を僕達はまだ知らない。) Review



This movie is based from the 11-episode 2011 Japanese anime television series. It is a sentimental tale of friendship, love, death, and guilt.

Its a movie that I don’t want to watch because I know I’m gonna tire my eyes from crying but at the same time, it is a movie I can’t resist.

I find no flaws from the movie. It perfectly depicted the emotions as shown in the anime.

The movie circulates about a group of friends, how they try to moved on from the death of Menma, their friend (the girl in dress), and how they were torn apart by guilt. Jintan (the guy in red) is the only one who can see the soul of Menma, and in order for Menma to pass to the other side, he has to grant Menma’s wish, and in the process they were able to open up wound from their childhood.

Paradise Ranch

I was looking for a great drama series to watch when I saw the trailer of “Paradise Ranch”. I was caught up by its story line.

Its about a so in love teenage couple who decided to get married but after 6 months they had their divorce. And after six years they met again.

Its been three days since I watched that trailer. and guess what? I already finished the whole 16 episode of it 🙂

It never did disappoint me. Every episode was worth watching. I shed tears and burst  in laughter. It was an awesome series. Now I start to wonder why I didn’t noticed it way back 2010.

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