3 Days in Dipolog City


Royal farm resort is a bit far from the city. If you want a hot pool for cold nights, this is definitely where you should go. Although the pools here are only as deep as 4 feet and less. It is a safe and fun place to bring your kids.

Its a Php 50.00 ride from the city to here in a single motor.

You can booked in advance and pay 50% of the total cost.


They also serve foods which are mostly good for 2-3 persons, and if you find it a bit expensive, you can buy something in the city, they don’t charge corkage.

We’ve tasted halo-halo special which is very tasty (highly recommended!), sisig and pancit canton.


If you want to visit a church you can also opt to visit the one located in the city so you can then roam around the city proper.


Dipolog Sunset Boulevard is also a must.

You will also have variety of food choices in here, ranging from restaurants, cafes, grills, to street foods.

Chapters Book Cafe

Death by Chocolate


Mini burgers


Happy 1st Anniversary!


From our different heartbreaks–to finally meeting each otherĀ to celebrate good days, and cheer each other up on our bad days. Its finally over a year now!

For all the memories

Since we live across different islands due to our work, we celebrated a little late.

@Paylings Oroquieta. Sisig comes with liver–the best for dinner with mango shake!

We seldom go on dates, or even see each other, but every moment that we are together is definitely worth it.

Love is greater than distance.

Cupcakes for the Heart


Busy making money while they are busy falling in love.

I just sounded so lonely right?

I am really wishing to fall in love real soon. Too many things and plans running on my mind, but before everything else, I’d be busy making money for now.