What to do when you’re sick #2…

So after I made the sketch of Wolverine (…on my previous post), I tried doing Storm, and this is how it ends up…


I am not quite sure about this one, I think I needed to buy colored pencil for white eyes, and white hair. I guess that would help. I would try again next time, but since I don’t have colored pencils with me yet, I thought I’ll¬†sketch¬†someone with black hair. Then ‘myself’ crossed my mind. Yes, I need to do a sketch of myself.

I looked for a decent photo of myself for hours, I thought of giving up because I realized probably I don’t have any decent photo for sketching purposes. Until I found¬†my graduation photo a year ago, and this is how it ends up with:

WP_005181 WP_005194

What to do when you’re sick…

I was sick for two weeks. I caught my cousin’s chicken pox then my sister got it, and everyone in the house were freaking scared to get it. Aside from the suffering attach to its symptoms and the itchiness, the medicine is amazingly expensive too, so everyone started to get cautious around us.

Anyways, I was absent from work for two long weeks, so I was pretty bored at home wherein I enjoyed myself from watching movies and stuffs. To make it short, I had an X-Men movie marathon, wherein I was inspired to do¬†a¬†sketch of my favorite character –Wolverine.


PS. My father told me the sketch looks more like Beast (Dr. Henry McCoy). My father is good with X-men characters too. haha

Hot Choco

Sunday hot choco on the backdrop of the city away from home, Christmas songs on the background, having breakfast on my own. This is loneliness in exchange for a greater pursuit.

~~feeling blessed like I always do. Thank You Lord.

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