3 Days in Dipolog City


Royal farm resort is a bit far from the city. If you want a hot pool for cold nights, this is definitely where you should go. Although the pools here are only as deep as 4 feet and less. It is a safe and fun place to bring your kids.

Its a Php 50.00 ride from the city to here in a single motor.

You can booked in advance and pay 50% of the total cost.


They also serve foods which are mostly good for 2-3 persons, and if you find it a bit expensive, you can buy something in the city, they don’t charge corkage.

We’ve tasted halo-halo special which is very tasty (highly recommended!), sisig and pancit canton.


If you want to visit a church you can also opt to visit the one located in the city so you can then roam around the city proper.


Dipolog Sunset Boulevard is also a must.

You will also have variety of food choices in here, ranging from restaurants, cafes, grills, to street foods.

Chapters Book Cafe

Death by Chocolate


Mini burgers


Spotting the Difference

There were many times I wanted to discontinue pursuing my masters degree. Not only that it is expensive, which I am not used to (since I came from a State University), but also because of the events and gatherings which I missed because I had to be in the University on weekends.

I missed family travels, and I still feel pain on missing my grandfather’s birthday which happens to be his last.

It has always been my family who has been encouraging me to continue still.

I told my family a couple of times that I don’t intend to attend the graduation ceremony, but days before the graduation my mother told me how my father asked her to urge me to change my mind and attend the ceremony.

It was alarming yet heart piercing, since my father doesn’t really comment on this matters. So I decided to heed their advice–I did attend.

Cheers to my hair’s journey!

Cheers to my relationship status!

It takes patience to be with with one who is enrolled in the graduate school program. From waiting for me outside my class, to my missed special occasions because of class, to helping me out and buying snacks for the panel during my proposal—for everything, thank you.

Thank you to those who were always there for me, & to those I extremely miss right now and always.


Masters in Education major in Guidance and Counseling

Love Letter

Dear Ivan,

We did not meet as neighbors or grew up together as what you have wanted. We did not meet earlier so that we could have decided and planned for our college life together. We did not meet still when we were in college—I could have at least experienced what it felt like to see you waiting for me outside my classroom. I wish I could have experienced the thrill of checking our class schedules if our breaks coincides. Then, we could have at least celebrated our graduation and took a photo together in our graduation gown and cap. (#relationshipgoals)

I wish we did all those things that we weren’t able to just because we did not meet much earlier. But—

If I could turn back time, 2015 is still the best time to finally meet you, and 21 is still the best age to be with you.

We met in God’s time.

We met right when we knew who we are. We met just when we are capable of empathy because we’ve experience all sorts of pain. We met when we were wise enough not to argue on trivial matters because we knew that every second of life is worth celebrating for.

We met when we were not looking for someone who completes us because we knew we already were—we met to complement each other. We met when we were whole.

You were the answer to my prayers, and I believe every choice I made led me to you.

We may not have met when we were much younger, but with God’s grace we will stay together till we’re old. We did not plan for our college life together, but there are still so much more to plan throughout this lifetime, together. I may not have experience the thrill of checking our class schedules, but I knew your work schedule and daily routines now, and I am excited to even know more.  I have experience your patience—waiting for me to finish my work or even my class in the graduate school.

We met just when we were both ready, and it’s a part of God’s majestic plan.

I’m just so glad for keeping my standards high. I love you.

Someday I’ll have a story to tell—a story I’ll feel proud to tell and it will be all about us.








“To all the boys I’ve loved before” series by Jenny Han


So 2017 comes and — “To all the boys I’ve loved before” series comes to an end. It was a wonderful journey all throughout the series.

I remember instantly falling in love after reading the first page of book 1 (Like super instantly–that fast). Unlike other books, I wanted to finish it right away. It is literally the kind of book you don’t wanna stopped reading, you don’t wanna put aside, and even if you do (you have to work and to stuffs), it’s like the whole book runs through your head the whole day.

It started out as something classic–writing letters, which will definitely make you feel like “I should have written something like this before”. Well, Lara Jean (book’s main character) is used to making love letters for her crushes, but instead of sending it, she keeps it in her hatbox (supposedly for good). Then one day her hatbox went missing and all her letters (5 letters) where sent to each of her crushes years ago (classic!).

Then it gets complicated with this 5 recipients of the letters, since one is a hot guy in the campus (who is in love with his pretty-chic-ex-gf), and another one is her sister’s ex boyfriend.

One of the greatest part of this series is the relationship between the Song sisters (their deceased mother is Korean). The story talks about adjustment in the family, their difficulty living without a mother, going to college, and their bond as sisters (3 of them). You will also fall in love with Kitty, the youngest and probably the wittiest of them all. She brings so much humor in the whole series.

I’m not gonna spoil you with anything anymore, but this is gonna get 10/10 for me.

“It feel strange to have spent so much time wishing for something, for someone, and then suddenly, to just stop.”- Lara Jean, To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before

“I know now that I don’t want to love or be loved in half measures. I want it all, and to have it all, you have to risk it all.” -Lara JeanP.S. I Still Love you

“Never say no when you really want to say yes.” -Stormy, Always and Forever, Lara Jean

P.S. To my Peter Kavinsky who bought me my third book. I love you, always and forever. *hugs and kisses*





Cyberbullying: 24/7

Technology has been upgrading and updating, as well as bullying. From the classical name calling, face-to-face verbal and physical abuse, to what we call now cyberbullying.

I am 23 years old and have been working as a counselor in a university.  Cyberbullying is real and has been predominant in our university.

Bullies become the author of posts, pro-commentors, and the likers. Bystanders become the mutual friends who choose to ignore the posts and comments. The bullied are the victims who suffers at abuse any time of the day with or without the presence of the bullies.

Despite the existence of Anti Cyber-Bullying Act, only few seek for help because of the psychological fear of aggravating the circumstances.

I have read the meanest posts and private messages from students who come crying for help. Their pictures are posted online with the meanest captions and their groupchats are filled with hate remarks, and other unwanted messages. Messages implying that they don’t really care whether the victims commit suicide.

With the existence of of films such as Before I Fall, & 13 Reasons Why, which addresses suicide and bullying, I would have hoped that it would somehow helped. But some bullies where even posting quotes from those films and were still mocking at their victims. Again, with the implication that they don’t care whether you commit suicide.

The likes and comments they get, even comments that were out of place only reinforce such behaviour. These bullies are cowards who seeks support from online friends and we should stop them. We have the power to stop them.

The internet, the social media is a scary place if we allow it to. Many have suffered and died and will continue if we don’t intervene.

One upon a time when I was a child

When I was a child I get jealous about how other families were. How my grade school classmates’ mothers would pick them up from school, make them lunch boxes, dressed them up–things my father would do to me, since my mother is working.

I wasn’t that thankful about what I have.  I thought we were not normal. The way my father would turn out as the only male in school meetings, or if lucky 2 or 3 fathers would also show up.

In my 20’s, I get to see some of my friends from long ago. Friends which I used to envy.

Then I realized I was beyond blessed. Some of my friends started to share about how they were abused as a child, how they caught their father cheating, and how their parents doesn’t really care about them.

Once upon a time, I thought I can understand everything just by seeing it. There’s just more to it that what our eyes can see.

We are definitely not perfect, but we are blessed, and for that I am thankful.