Spotting the Difference

There were many times I wanted to discontinue pursuing my masters degree. Not only that it is expensive, which I am not used to (since I came from a State University), but also because of the events and gatherings which I missed because I had to be in the University on weekends.

I missed family travels, and I still feel pain on missing my grandfather’s birthday which happens to be his last.

It has always been my family who has been encouraging me to continue still.

I told my family a couple of times that I don’t intend to attend the graduation ceremony, but days before the graduation my mother told me how my father asked her to urge me to change my mind and attend the ceremony.

It was alarming yet heart piercing, since my father doesn’t really comment on this matters. So I decided to heed their advice–I did attend.

Cheers to my hair’s journey!

Cheers to my relationship status!

It takes patience to be with with one who is enrolled in the graduate school program. From waiting for me outside my class, to my missed special occasions because of class, to helping me out and buying snacks for the panel during my proposal—for everything, thank you.

Thank you to those who were always there for me, & to those I extremely miss right now and always.


Masters in Education major in Guidance and Counseling


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