Love Letter

Dear Ivan,

We did not meet as neighbors or grow up together as what you have wanted. We did not meet earlier so that we could have decided and planned for our college life together. We did not meet still when we were in college—I could have at least experienced what it felt like to see you waiting for me outside my classroom. I wish I could have experienced the thrill of checking our class schedules if our breaks coincides. Then, we could have at least celebrated our graduation and took a photo together in our graduation gown and cap. (#relationshipgoals)

I wish we did all those things that we weren’t able to just because we did not meet much earlier. But—

If I could turn back time, 2015 is still the best time to finally meet you, and 21 is still the best age to be with you.

We met in God’s time.

We met right when we knew who we are. We met just when we are capable of empathy because we’ve experience all sorts of pain. We met when we were wise enough not to argue on trivial matters because we knew that every second of life is worth celebrating for.

We met when we were not looking for someone who completes us because we knew we already were—we met to complement each other. We met when we were whole.

You were the answer to my prayers, and I believe every choice I made led me to you.

We may not have met when we were much younger, but with God’s grace we will stay together till we’re old. We did not plan for our college life together, but there are still so much more to plan throughout this lifetime, together. I may not have experience the thrill of checking our class schedules, but I knew your work schedule and daily routines now, and I am excited to even know more.  I have experience your patience—waiting for me to finish my work or even my class in the graduate school.

We met just when we were both ready, and it’s a part of God’s majestic plan.

I’m just so glad for keeping my standards high. I love you.

Someday I’ll have a story to tell—a story I’ll feel proud to tell and it will be all about us.









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