Cyberbullying: 24/7

Technology has been upgrading and updating, as well as bullying. From the classical name calling, face-to-face verbal and physical abuse, to what we call now cyberbullying.

I am 23 years old and have been working as a counselor in a university.  Cyberbullying is real and has been predominant in our university.

Bullies become the author of posts, pro-commentors, and the likers. Bystanders become the mutual friends who choose to ignore the posts and comments. The bullied are the victims who suffers at abuse any time of the day with or without the presence of the bullies.

Despite the existence of Anti Cyber-Bullying Act, only few seek for help because of the psychological fear of aggravating the circumstances.

I have read the meanest posts and private messages from students who come crying for help. Their pictures are posted online with the meanest captions and their groupchats are filled with hate remarks, and other unwanted messages. Messages implying that they don’t really care whether the victims commit suicide.

With the existence of of films such as Before I Fall, & 13 Reasons Why, which addresses suicide and bullying, I would have hoped that it would somehow helped. But some bullies where even posting quotes from those films and were still mocking at their victims. Again, with the implication that they don’t care whether you commit suicide.

The likes and comments they get, even comments that were out of place only reinforce such behaviour. These bullies are cowards who seeks support from online friends and we should stop them. We have the power to stop them.

The internet, the social media is a scary place if we allow it to. Many have suffered and died and will continue if we don’t intervene.


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