One upon a time when I was a child

When I was a child I get jealous about how other families were. How my grade school classmates’ mothers would pick them up from school, make them lunch boxes, dressed them up–things my father would do to me, since my mother is working.

I wasn’t that thankful about what I have.  I thought we were not normal. The way my father would turn out as the only male in school meetings, or if lucky 2 or 3 fathers would also show up.

In my 20’s, I get to see some of my friends from long ago. Friends which I used to envy.

Then I realized I was beyond blessed. Some of my friends started to share about how they were abused as a child, how they caught their father cheating, and how their parents doesn’t really care about them.

Once upon a time, I thought I can understand everything just by seeing it. There’s just more to it that what our eyes can see.

We are definitely not perfect, but we are blessed, and for that I am thankful.



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