Perks and Twists of Having a Short Hair



Having a short hair comes with a list of advantage.

  1. Takes lesser time to prepare. After taking a bath my hair is all good. I don’t really have to comb it like I used to with my long hair. I don’t even have to worry about blower and stuffs because it’s almost as good as quick dry. Now I can enjoy longer sleep because my preparation time has been deducted with around 30 minutes. 🙂
  2. Low maintenance. It only takes a pea-size amount of shampoo and conditioner. (and if I want it wax at times, I can stole some from my boyfriend)
  3. No more looking for a hair tie. We always have this problem at home, since my mother and sister both have long hairs, we would always fight over a hair tie. Now they still do. I am not even sure if it’s all girls problem or just us, but we always have to buy a lot of hair ties because it gets lesser everyday.
  4. It’s refreshing. I don’t know how much my hair weights before but having it this way made me feel lighter and refresh. You can feel the breeze all over you neck to the scalp. 😀
  5. Earrings. I can now wear earrings of varied styles since it’s pretty much visible with my short hair.
  6. It made me look my age. Most of the college students in the university I am working at looks more mature than me, I guess having my hair this way made me look more of an instructor, and I look more professional.
  7. You wake up feeling like a rock star. My bedhead is a total rock n’ roll. It will always give you good vibes on early morning. 🙂 🙂 🙂

There are some twists to that though.

  1. This may be a culture thing, in Philippines, most short-haired (as short as my hair) are often mistaken as lesbian. There were times when people stares at me from head to foot, whenever I go out with my sexy pretty girl friend, or even when I hang out with my female cousin. We just laugh at it though, at times my cousin would even playfully hold my hand and acts sweet just to feed other’s thoughts.
  2. I am often hesitant to wear denim long sleeves because it don’t suit me the way it suit me before. Or probably it isn’t as feminine as before.

So I’m pretty much trying to be more feminine this days & I’m enjoying it. 🙂




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