Long Hair– No More



Before 2016 ended I decided to cut my hair short. I’ve always wanted to have it short, but  every time I would tell my aunts about it they would all try to stopped me. So this time, I decided to surprise them.

That day happened so fast, it was Sunday and I was in the church early morning with my family. It was on the spur of the moment that I told my parents that I wanted to dropped by a hair salon. It was too early, I tried waiting for the hair salon to open until I decided to just go home for I still have to travel to the city with my family that day.

When I was in the city my aunts and cousins, I told one of my cousin to go out with me. We went to couple of hair salon, around 7. All were busy because its a weekend, its all jam-packed. There were times when I feel like, perhaps it’s God’s sign of telling me not to do it.

But then I know, if it won’t happen that day then perhaps I won’t have the courage again to do it. So I have to do it that day.

My cousin drove me to a hair salon quite far from the city proper, there we found one.

When I was asked what hairstyle, I was dumbfounded. I really didn’t think about it. So I told him I wanted anything “boy cut”. I was glad that I was in the right salon, the haircutter really took time to search in google pictures of short-haired woman and asked me to choose between those. I really can’t remember what I choose, I was pretty much nervous and all.

So here:


Only girls would understand the fear of having your hair cut this way. The fear of “what if it doesn’t suit me?”

Well, I’m just glad it turns out the way I like it.

My aunts were shocked, but I guess they like it.


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