See you!

I’ve been on hiatus for a couple of months. Too many things happened. My grandfather passed away before Christmas, but certainly I know he is in a greater place where my grandmother.

My grandpa’s ears has been relying on hearing aids, but still he can’t hear well. One time while he was in the bathroom, I was startled  upon hearing him murmuring, so I tried to come near the bathroom only to realize that he was praying. He was praying for his sons and daughter and for his health, despite everything that is not going well in his body, he has always been thankful.

It’s been a month since my grandpa died but there are still times when I forget that he is no longer with us. There were times when I still wonder if it really did happen, if he really did passed away.

The last conversation I had with him was last November, before his discharge in a hospital, that is about a month before he died. He was asking for a Christmas gift that time, I even told him that I will give him one on Christmas, but he insisted that I gave it to him in advance.

Whether he felt it at that time, I’m glad I gave it to him in advance.


I am glad I am left with no regret. I spent countless quality time with my grandpa.

I still cry at times.


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