My Faith & My Religion


Religion is pretty much an important matter in my country.

I live in the Philippines which is considered as a Catholic country. Our constitution does not tolerate abortion nor divorce. Engaging in PMS, as well as members of the LGBT community maybe unconsciously discriminated through scrutinizing eyes of some people

My parents are open-minded  Catholic. I go to Catholic church with them, and sometimes explore other churches as well, which they don’t really mind.

When I took the Board Exam one requirement was to get a good moral certification from the church. I really won’t have any problem with getting one, but one of my friend who is atheist had a hard time doing so.

I felt like there’s actually no need to require people to get one. The same goes to attending baccalaureate mass as a requirement for graduating students, even if I came from a nonsectarian university.

There’s supposed to be a separation between the state and the church in our country, but I can’t really see which part. Too much has been said against each other, and it has been disappointing hearing such.

I am a Christian.

I pray and I believe in God.

But it is detrimental to think about all the biodata I have to fill in, in which I have to indicate my religion. Can I just be Christian? Not a Catholic, not a Baptist, nor anything else but just a Christian alone.

When I meet new people they usually asked about what my religion is.

Can we not all do things as a requirement?

As to what used is complying all requirements such as getting good moral certification from the church, filling in a biodata sheet, and the likes if it is not by the heart.

Religion has been dividing people.

I have faith–and religion is about my personal relationship with God, and that is what I think matters.


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