Trip to Pampanga

I went to Pampanga recently. I stayed at V Hotel at Balibago, Angeles City at the Flying V gas station across Astro Park. I spent around Php 1,200 for 3 nights– my friends and I booked a room for 2 plus extra bed and we divided the amount.

At the fourth day I have to transfer to a single room for  Php 1,000 for a day (1PM check out) because my friends had to go back to Manila.

You have to take note of the expensive motorcycle fare around Pampanga, that is if you are a miser like me.From Dau terminal to our hotel we had to pay Php 100.

There are no taxis around Pampanga! So if you are a miser like me, examine the area and learn to walk.

Be careful of some beggars who would bump into you, you might just realize that they are not really begging but trying to steal some stuffs in your bag without you even noticing. That is what I experienced with one child begging for alms, although I noticed it when one pocket of my bag is halfway open.


My friends and I hit the Red Light District near Mcdo Balibago.

The Walking Street


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The first time I visit this place was at night and it was jam packed with foreigners,  it was surprising and astonishing that a place can be considered legal. I was so shocked that I missed to see some great shops and cafes around here which I only noticed the next day when I passed by here.


We also dropped by a Hello Kitty Cafe in the photo above.

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It is a new experience for me, as I’ve never been on a red light district before, but I am not sure if I can walked on here on my own during night time. I am glad I came here with my friends and we laughed all the way out to the end of the Walking Street.





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