Philippines in 1 Day


While waiting for my flight from Clark to Cebu, I decided to visit  Nayong Pilipino.

I relied on the internet in going there as not much people in Pampanga even knew how to go to that place or worse, some even do not know the place.

Main Gate jeepney terminal

I went to the jeepney terminal at DAU/ Main gate (People refer to it as DAU, sometimes main gate which I’m confused as well because there is a DAU Bus terminal) near Bayanihan Park and rode Route 1 jeepney that is going to Clark.

No jeepneys head directecly to Nayong Pilipino as it is far from the main road. So what I did was instead of paying Php12 for the jeepney, I payed Php100 so he can bring me straight to Nayong Pilipino after sending off all the other passengers.

The entrance fee at Nayong Pilipino is Php 150.00 which is all worth it, since it is like a trip around Philippines in just one day.

The place had replicas of some places and villages of the Philippines.

Replica house of Emilio Aguinaldo
Replica of Barasoain Church
Museo ng Nayon
Inside Museo ng Nayon
Heroes Wall

There are also replica of the different tribal villages in the Philippines:

They also have Malakas & Maganda figures.


And from all those Tatak Pilipinas themes you can also enjoy the exquisite ambiance of the place.

Thank you! 🙂


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