An Open Letter to My Dear Sister


Dear Joice,

We’ve been together like ever since.

We fight, argue about the most trivial stuffs then makeup and I’ve made you cry countless of times.

Despite all the odds I am confident we have each others back– and that is what makes it even.

We’ve been through a lot. I’ve lose count on how many times we cried, & laughed together, or how many times we argue about ‘wala namati sa imo/akong chika’ & how many times we repeated the phrase ‘naminaw ka? unsa man daw akong g ingon bi?’. I even lose count on the number of times I scolded you about many things and on top of that is for not making your bed every morning. Still, I prefer sleeping beside you. And how many times have I teased you about not taking a bath?

How many times have you cried every time I tutor you on your class lessons? How many times have we speak ill about each other right face to face? How many times have we not spoken for a day?

Somehow we always end up making up, and still ends up eating together for almost every meal. Whether we do it for survival or what, God knows I love you.

People thought we never fight, and that we are inseparable. The latter is the only true thing.

You are my bestest bestfriend, bestest listener and all that there is. I cried on your shoulder for countless of times. You’ve helped me get through all the challenges I had, from first heartbreak to passing the board exam and just everything. Even ka OAhan.

Too many things happened recently. We had a party, we had a blast.

Then you met an accident right after I was sending you war messages. The last message I sent you at that time was ‘I Love You’, I thought you were too scared to reply after the messages I sent to you that day. I waited for your reply. That was when you met the accident, I was devastated and God knows how scared I was, and God knows how glad and relieved I was to know that you were well. God is always good.

To my clingy sister. Happy birthday.

Long live! I pray you all the best that there is. Christ bless!





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