The World of Make-Believe

I’ve read many articles about how low self-esteem is correlated with ‘overposting’  on social media (#humblebrag). I’ve read about how posts on social media tells us more about the person’s insecurities than their happiness. 

You can post basically everything you want others to know–about how well your date went with your partner, how you missed your partner, what you had for breakfast, as well as the rest of your meals of the day.

I remember having this conversation with my sister wherein she asked for my permission about tagging me in facebook on this old photo with our friends. I told her she could– only if she could tell me the logic behind doing so.

And she ended up not tagging me. I  wonder if she really did upload that photo.

I know of couples on the verge of breaking up, but they still keep on posting pictures about how they missed each other, when I know that the other party is already having an affair with another.

I even heard of this girl who used to go to the same university with me who used to upload pictures of bouquets, chocolates, and all these stuffs with captions of thank you’s, in which all of her friends  would flocked in to write their comments and likes, only to find out later on that she bought all those things for herself making people believed that it was given to her.

Isn’t it scary? Does it not bother you? That for some people the social media is better than their reality. Is it saving them? Is it making them more confident?

Is it not  funny how you can make your own stories on social media until you deceive and bring your own self into believing the lies you started.

I can take a photo according to my desired angle, I can filter it, I can upload it with captions quoted from great philosophers even if it doesn’t have anything to do with the photo itself, then I can even tag my friends saying “I miss them so” so that they’ll be able to see it, and even if I don’t mean the “missing them so..” part.

Then I’ll check the likes and comment every minute.

Welcome to the world of make-believe.


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