If this isn’t love- it just can’t be.

(Because I’m pretty certain you’d come across this somehow. To my love, my moo, please know this is for you. ayiii. Kiligon naa siya 😛 )

Unsent Letter

1.  You won’t believe me if I say, I am not confident talking with other people I just met, but the first time we did– instantly I became comfortable, like everywhere you go is my home.

2. I am not good at socializing. The thought that I want to get closer to you and I want to know more about you gives me the courage to talk to your family and have fun with them… and incredibly I feel comfortable, like we are a family to begin with.

3. I am not good at multitasking like you probably thought I am. I used to study with my doors locked, no facebook, no music, only me, but with you by me I feel like I can do anything even while chatting with you, texting, or even talking to you.

4. I am not into selfies, but I can never say no anytime you ask for one. 😉

5. I am never good at planning. That’s my weakest, but whenever I talk to you I can’t help but plan about our life together.

6. We have a different set of playlist, I was into Linkin Park, All Time Low, A7x…and you were into A Rocket to the Moon, Boys Like Girls, and acoustic music–yet I love sharing headset with you.

7. I’m a realistic-cynic-individual, but somehow you are making me loss my reasons.

8.You make me feel like I’ve never been in love before, then you make me wonder if it was love I had before.

9. You make me feel like I was never broken ever.

10. I’ve never been certain, but with you I am–and indeed this is love.







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