Why I stopped uploading pictures in social media…


So my friends asks me why I don’t upload pictures of my boyfriend and me, while my sister keeps on telling me it’s about time I change my display picture in faceboook.

Why I’m not doing it?

There is this societal pressure lately to upload pictures wherever you may be, tell the world how fun you’re doing ‘#atm’, or just tell the world where you are. This could be motivated by many factors–the desire to check how many ‘likes’ you get, self-affirmation, bragging, and so on.

I want to keep my life private despite the existence of social media and all these pressures.  Personally, uploading pictures means letting yourself be the subject of the public’s opinion, and I don’t find the need to do so.

People are more excited on taking pictures and looking good on photos than enjoying what they are doing, they are most excited about their friends comments and likes than talking about it with actual people.

That is what is wrong with humanity.

But I guess it’s also helping people with low self-esteem, getting all the ‘likes’ and positive ‘comments’ might end up boosting their self-esteem. The problem again is that it is a temporary material thing– if it can boost your self-esteem it can as well flunk it.



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