My Alpha-Class Love

Jean Caryl Barquilla

(In case he’d come across my blog at least he’d know this is me)

I’ve never posted a poem in awhile. It’s not like I don’t want to, its just that I’ve been not-so-inspired to do so.

Since I’ve been on cloud 9 lately with my boyfriend. My second boyfriend, and hopefully my last. Here’s my new poem dedicated for him. Inspired by our X-Men movie marathon from night till dawn. 🙂

To my one and only,

If I may hold Professor X’s telepathic powers,

I’d dwell on your thoughts every second of the day,

Talk with you wherever you may be.

I’d project my own thoughts for you—

then you’d know how you’ve taken control over my mind.

If you’d be Magneto then let me be your Mystique,

and I’d be your #1 follower and fan,

For you were one of the people who accepted me for who I am,

And if you’d go for further mutation and turned Beast,

Rest assured I’ll still be your Mystique.

If by chance I can teleport like Nightcrawler,

I’d go to you in an instant and we’ll teleport to places we’d love.

If I’d be Rogue then you’d be my Wolverine—

For in you, I feel safe.

My love is greater than Iceman’s ice and Pyro’s fire,

And remains greater compared to the whole mutants combined power,

And if time comes that my hair turns as white as Storm’s,

I’d continue to love you still.

PS. I love you Ivan. I really do. Sending you hugs and kisses.


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