‘Pregnancy’ of our Generation

I guess I am in a generation wherein getting pregnant is not a happy thing for most people. Yesterday, I went to the hospital for some laboratory tests which includes chest x-ray, cbc blood typing, urinalysis, drug test, and of course pregnancy test, all for the sake of my current university work requirement. As I waited for the results, the medical technologist from the laboratory told me “Ma’am, its negative. You are not pregnant”, while he excitedly smile with relief. Its pretty obvious that he assumed that I was there to check if I’m pregnant, and he assumed I was wishing I wasn’t. I told him it was expected, and I am only there for the sake of completing my job’s requirement and he showed me an apologetic face (You know that kind’ of face when you wish you didn’t say anything). I just laughed at him anyway then he smiled. For all the people  specially for the women out there, being pregnant is a gift, that not everyone is fortunate to be capable of. Don’t rush. Make it an I-won-in-a-lottery-without-betting-feeling. We are suppose to feel that way. You made a ‘life’ after all.  😉


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