Dear Bashers/Haters

Basher: A individual who is unfriendly and/or commits harmful acts to group of people or an individual due to prejudice and/or ignorance (Ref:

It’s easy to hate an artist. I am not a hypocrite, there are also artists that I dislike (I prefer the word ‘dislike’ than ‘hate’, I think ‘hate is too powerful).

Bashers are everywhere live or creeping in twitter, facebook and in all social medias (I guess).

I can’t blame people. Psychologists might refer to it as defense mechanism, hating someone because in reality they actually possess something you want for your life. But no bashers would admit that (seriously) or there could be tons of explanations for it.

In my own opinion there should be a qualification for bashers and haters:

  1. You should be expert in that field.

You hate a song? You hate an artist? Show me what you got. You’ve got to be better than who you are hating. I used to dislike Taylor Swift before but when I attempted to write a song about my love experiences…after  20 seconds I gave up. Gosh! Its too difficult. So, I love her now.

  1. Learn to discriminate.

You can hate the person’s personality but not the person as an artist and vise versa. Some people hate Miley Cyrus because of how HONESTLY wild she is…spare her voice. She have a wonderful , unique quality of voice, admit it.  I am a grew up in a modest/ demure place but it doesn’t mean I hate the liberated world. There are many people out there who packages their self like Miley Cyrus but regardless of what people say about her she still has  the “The Happy Hippie Foundation”.

  1. See how you live your life.

You must be pretty bored to be able to have a spare time for hating someone. Have a self-check if you are qualified to hate someone…

that’s when you realize you have to disregard all these qualifications for no one is qualified to hate and bash someone.

Hating them won’t bring them down but will it bring you up?

Be productive and don’t waste your life hating. If blessings ceases to come in your life, it means it is about time to unload all your ‘hates’ and vices which is filling up your life to make way for the blessings.

Enjoy your life. Live in a righteous way. God bless!


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