Animes of All Time

One Piece


I don’t usually like ongoing animes, but this is different. I tried to watch episode 1 and I got hooked till the end, and then I realized I had been sleeping late for many weeks for this one, and even after watching the anime I even started reading the manga to be up to date.

Aside from being funny, it will teach you many things about life. There has been no boring episode for me (except from really really few filler episodes).

My favorite characters according to rank are:

  1. Luffy- You’d think he is a shallow character type at first, but his stupid honesty is really heart melting. He is an impulsive type, but he would never sell out his nakama (comrades) for anything else. You’d learn the value of true friendship through his stupidity—ironic but it’s true.
  2. Ace- Although his presence on the anime is really short, his impact had been so great. He depicts a picture of a wonderful, caring brother. Aside from that his character is really cool—Fire Fist. His respectfulness is something too.
  3. Law- I feel likaw his character is really cool. Its hard to guess what he would be planning to do next, but I think Luffy’s stupidity is making him act different and friendlier towards Luffy and his crew.

There were too many tear-jerker parts, you get attached to some characters for some part, and stuffs like that but then you’d learn and it’s all that matters. It might be funny when I’m talking deep while talking about some animes, but people who watch animes would really understand. And even when you are watching on your own, I guarantee you’d be laughing like you are in a crowd—at first you’d find that weird but you’ll get used to it. Trust me.


Naruto Shippuden


The story is dragging, but I feel like I was with Naruto as he grew up, so I like this anime. There were too many flashbacks. The anime is really nice though. I have been following it for about 10 years and when it ended last year, a part of me was sad. I missed checking new episode updates weekly.

This is a nice anime, you’d be laughing as hell as well since even the main character is stupid…although he’d mature as the anime goes on.

Its revolving around Naruto who want to become a Hokage (President of our time…?? Something like that..)

The most interesting at it is trying to believe that their best friend Sasuke will still be their friends despite his betrayal. It’s about trying to protect their friendship despite Sasuke messing all things up.

Code Geass


Most of my friends didn’t watch this one because its “mecca” genre. I don’t usually like this kind of genre, robots and the likes but I always keep on seeing post about “Code Geass vs Death Note”, and Death Note is a really nice anime so I got interested about his one.

It’s a sad anime. It’s about a hero in a masking in a villain’s cloak. It’s not typical since its usually the other way around. The main character ‘Kira’ appears bad, hated by people, when he is actually the hero just for the sake of trying to save someone dear to him.



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