What Police Officers Do

2015 has been so fast.

Last January a tragic incident struck the Philippines. 44 Filipino Police officers from an elite combatant group of the Philippine National Police (PNP) died proud in an operation to arrest an International terrorist.

44 fallen hereos but 44 families lost their loved ones, children became fatherless, parents lost their sons, and wives turned widowed. It was a tragic incident and it is even so disheartening to say that it has been a controversial issue, an unresolved case as to whom is to be blamed on the mishaps of the operation.

Despite all the issues, we need to face it, 44 proud policemen lost their lives in the name of their service.

I have always been a fan of war films, soldier movies like “We Were Soldiers” by Mel Gibson, and the likes. I find that genre as one of the most moving to watch. Last January as I watched the television flashed all that has happened on the 44 fallen heroes, I felt empathy on the family of the police officers, and sadness on the lost lives. Lives that will never ever be revived.

I wonder what their last moments were like, what their last thoughts were, or if they even had regrets.

As I was so emotional I wanted to distract myself so I watched a Film entitled “American Sniper”, a 2014 film which I have never heard of. I watched it on impulse, I realized it was based from a real life autobiography of the most lethal sniper in the U.S. militar history—Chris Kyle.

Its has been so hard for me to internalize the thought that we only have one life, just one life, but they chose to give that up for their country and along with their vow, “We serve, and protect”. 

I wanted to share this book with all of you. I guess this would best tell you about the what soldiers, and military police officers do, their traumas, their sacrifices, and how they actually live their life.



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