Ocean Park– Hong Kong!


So I went to Ocean Park Hong Kong and believe me when I say it was vast. Really.

There were tons of things to look forward into this place like rides, games, and shows.


I rode on FLASH. It was the first ever extreme ride I  ever rode on my life. I’m not into extreme rides really, but after riding this one–I could probably just try everything. It was fun. The queue for this was was long but it is surely worth the wait, you can never tell how many minutes it’ll last for as you sit there it seems like it lasted for a year really. All I actually did was call on ‘God’ all the way till its finished. I was even a bit teary when its over which I can’t still figure out why, probably because of the cold breeze on that December. After moving out of that seat I stand proud with all those eyes from the people still on queue and on the back of my mind “Wait, till you’re there on top.” (Hahaha) DSC_0164 I enjoyed the cable car too. It was more than just riding it, I feel like its necessary to go to the other side of the Ocean Park, because as what I had told you.. it is vast. DSC_0084 DSC_0066


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