Disneyland it is!

DSC_0006 2

So I traveled back to my childhood last Christmas. Disneyland Hong Kong.

This would  be a late post but at least I get to show people who are interested to visit Hong Kong a peak of what is it like to be there, or at least what it was like for me. It was an awesome place, it’s like ultimately going back to your childhood fairy tales, and magical life. You can live there knowing that you speak the same language ‘Disney’-language, regardless not knowing anything about Cantonese. If you go there, you should try all their rides. Literally ‘all’. Whenever I see people there lining up, I line up along with them as well, that is without knowing what I am actually lining up for. Nothing disappointed me, it was a packed of surprises. There is that thrill lining up for something you don’t really know. DSC_0023 2 If you go there, you should line up for Mickey & Minnie’s picture. It’s surely fulfilling, Mickey is the Disney’s symbol after all. 😉 And right after you go home, I bet you’d feel the same as me as well…you’d be eager to watch again your childhood Disney movies 😉


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