Playing with Joy

I was walking with my friends, savoring our last few days in Manila. From Luneta Park to SM Manila.

Right outside SM Manila while we were on our way home, we saw this old man playing with two other people on his bamboo instrument. I haven’t been playing any musical instrument for about two months now so I thought I’m gonna listen for it for awhile and asked my friends to listen with me too. At first it was out of curiosity, out of my loneliness away from my musical instrument…but I got hooked, hooked particularly on how this man could amazingly make people stopped by his music, and how it drove people to smile. For I myself couldn’t smile was listening to his music and watching him. He was playing with joy in his heart and thus all the people that passed by…passed with joy in their hearts as well.

Kudos to this man! 🙂

It was an awesome joyful night. Music is wonderful and it is everywhere.


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