I was in Manila for more than two months. I stayed there in preparation for the first Psychometrician board examination in the Philippines. The thought that all my school years specially my college years, plus months of review would be tested in just a matter of two days is causing me too much anxiety, not to mention those people that were expecting me to pass.

To give you a gist of my more than two months life in a place I am not so familiar with…it’s a 976.609 miles away from my home, and 976.609 miles away from my family.

But it was my faith that keep me burning. For I believe that the best is yet to come.

There will be more post this coming days…for in my preparation and to save money, I deprive myself from wordpress, animes, and so much more. So… there are plenty to post right now which I have been keeping for months. 😉

Cappucino frappe has been my favorite companion during my two-month review. So if you happen walk near University of Manila, or University of the East…try to drop by Frappe Tea and order Capuccino frappe. 😉
Footlong. Not really my type, but when there was storm and it flooded, the only store opened was the one selling footlong. So I guess it saved me. 😉

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