Help & Donate—Extend Life

Gil Canton–The brother of my friend has been living with a Chronic Heart Failure (CHF) all his life. This photo reflects a person determined to live and inspire others. I hope to touch your heart by saying, like what most people would have probably dreamed of, he also has dreams which he hasn’t realize yet…to finish his studies, to have a decent work, and to have a family of his own… but right now he is battling for his life.

He is now hospitalize at MHARS Hospital, Ozamis City, Philippines, and with the efforts of his parent’s who are working as seafood vendors for a living, they are barely able to pay for all that there is to be payed which includes the maintenance medicines, hospital bills, and the list goes on.

They are even struggling to look for money for the planned heart transplant in Manila.

I decided to share this to appeal to the hearts of the people to reach out, offer, and extend their help, regardless of how little it might be…each little donation will mean a lot. Every size counts, and every ‘small’ donation will make a difference.

You can reach him through these numbers: 639365020512 or 639391936560. 11



Please do take a second to share this and pray for his recovery.


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