Life is Unfair

(Translated conversation between me and a friend of mine. Pardon my grammar.)

Please spent a single moment and reflect about how blessed you are.

“Caryl, is it wrong if ever I felt envious of most people? Sometimes I can’t help but compare myself with others, and wonder why God didn’t bless me with the kind of life which I wanted to have. ”

Me: Nope. ‘Values’ taught us ‘not to compare ourselves with others’, but we aren’t perfect. So don’t feel guilty if ever you feel that way. I am even envious of some, since there will always be people above us and definitely there are also people beneath us. So if ever you compare yourself with people above you, try to look at the people beneath you and give thanks. What’s bad is if you make this hinder your life, just keep on going and make the people above you as your inspiration. 

“Is it too much for me to asked for a mother who would prepare me meals everyday, comb my hair, and listen to my stories. I wonder why I wasn’t born in a more comfortable life, wherein I could go to school like most student’s do without thinking about the bills at home. I envy those people who could go to school and spent time with friends without thinking about their siblings who were left at home, starving. I wonder why I feel like I can do better than some but I can never get a promotion because I never hold a Bachelor’s Degree. I wonder why whenever I look back, I realized I never had real fun during my childhood days, since I spent almost all of my life making money for the family. I wonder why GOD made my life this way. ”

Me: (This made me feel like I am the most blessed person in the world)

You see, life is unfair…it’s you who make it fair depending on how you look at it. On the other side, life is fair because it is unfair to everybody. Sometimes, we keep on asking about things we don’t have and that we forget to give thanks about the things we have. The good news is, you are never alone in this. Just keep the faith. Eventually, there will come a time when everything will just fall into their right places and you’ll understand that everything is for a reason. For now, just look at it this way, the one thing that life makes equal and fair is time, so make use of it.


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