A Little Reminder

So I’ve come across to this article about suicide rates, which is tremendously alarming. Thousands and thousands of people die each year due to suicide.

Way back when I was in high school I heard rumors about suicide incidents on my first choice university for college, and it made me hesitant to enroll in that school, despite that I still did. When I was in college…rumors confirmed.

I thought suicide was a crazy idea any people would probably have, but I realized it wasn’t really. Literally speaking  most of the suicidal or people who has tried whether successfully or unsuccessfully in killing themselves are totally sane, just like us (I assumed). You can never say they were brainless for committing suicide. They were just probably strangled with doubts, and fears, and the feeling of being alone in the midst of everything. They are just probably lonely.

My little reminder goes to the people reading this: We have different tolerance for pain, and different levels of resiliency…you can never blame anyone for killing themselves at a very trivial reason (trivial for you), because  it could be the world to them. I’m trying to tell you that we needed to try to understand each other deeper, hold every person close to us, be there for them, and be sensitive.

Even the most depressed person would probably waiver about committing suicide, after all, they aren’t there to end their life but to just end their pain.

Most of us would probably have this suicide thought at  one point of our lives, to end pain, depression, and despair, to shut everything out, and to just end it all. If you have ever thought of suicide, think of something good out of your life, grab even the slightest and tiniest speck of light you see, after all, living is a gift and death is a one way ticket.

Never be afraid to consult for help. Asking for help is not a coward thing to do but instead its one of the bravest act. Only few are brave enough to admit they needed one.


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