Today I went to the beach with my childhood friends along with my older brother and younger sister. Only the 9 of us are in that particular beach excluding the keeper of the place. The breeze is so strong, the weather is chilly, and it’s even about to rain. All I could hear at the moment I stepped on that place is the wind blowing through me and the waves and roars of the sea crushing the sand.

I was hesitant to bath with them, since I even hardly talked to my childhood friends since I entered puberty and the only female among us is me and my sister.

But in the end I enjoyed swimming with them. We even played tag on the sand, competed on who throws the farthest stone on the sea, and we even ate using only one large banana leaf as our plate.

I realized this is one of the best days of my life, I hope will never be forgotten. I feel so warm. We were even all soaked in the rain while on our way home, but everything was all worth it. I couldn’t stop myself from sharing this to my mom and pops.

I don’t know when it started but I was actually able to befriend again the friends I thought I only used to have way back when I was still a kid. I was wrong, they were always there for me, watching me grow while I always hesitated to approach them every time I see them, but now it will be different. I will always take good care of the friendship I have with the people around me.


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