A Memory of Nachos

Certain situations will remind you of various of things from your past. Even a single snack will help awaken dormant memories.

Yesterday, I was walking in the city when I saw this nachos…it reminds me of the days when it was all that matters to me.

I bought one, as I was eating, every bite I had helped me reminisce my childhood. Back when I was force to enroll into an art class during summer, which I didn’t really like, for I have to stay in the city away from my parents for that summer. Later on, I learn to like it for I can eat nachos after every class.

That was about 10 years ago, and as I ate nachos again after 10 years…I realize priorities and passion changes. I don’t really like it the way I like it before, I would prefer doing art than eating nachos now. Haha.

But every bite brings me back to my childhood. And the feeling…it is…nostalgic.


6 thoughts on “A Memory of Nachos

      1. lol. possibly..
        reminds me of the othr day.. got into watching Chris Rock, and he was talking about children’s cartoons (then and watching them again now).. hilarious!

      2. I guess doing things you used to do or you used to enjoy before… Gives you a feeling. Perhaps a feeling of fulfillment that you’ve grown and that you’ve reached this far while you look back 🙂 it’s fun.

      3. just a completely different perspective! lol
        if you k ow Chris Rock, go check that out.. i hadn’t watched it in quite a while.. it was too funny (again!)

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