Feel Blessed

Feel Blessed

Every time I open the gate, and walk out of the house, I realize anything could possibly happen from thereon. Every time I successfully cross the street, I feel so blessed, like every step of mine lays my life.
Every time I see an ambulance in the street, my heart throbs along with its siren, as I stare at it until it fades from my eyesight.
As I listen to news reports, fire and street accidents, murder and hit and run incidents, people suffering from cancer, while I stay healthy and alive.
Other side of the world might be mourning, on the other block might be a family who lost their loved ones, but here I am and still kicking.
I am thankful for I am blessed.
Life goes on for some, but it will stop for some, and it will definitely stop for us one day. One day could probably be soon.


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