In God’s time, In God’s Place

I was suppose to went home straight after my class today,  but I was informed to be back at school for our dance practice. It was really annoying for I was already thinking about being able to save money for this day, but because of the surprise scheduled practice (as i call it) I needed to stay near the school and spent money for my lunch instead.

I was hardly enjoying my lunch for I was thinking about the money that was supposedly on my piggy bank.

Then, after setting my mind to never regret what using the money for my lunch I received a message….

“Practice cancelled.”

Annoying isn’t it? I could hardly believed how people could manage to messed up other’s schedules and…savings.

I went home feeling down, while on my way…I saw an accident. A man down on the road, blood all over…dead.

I might have regretted spending so much for our lunch today, but I think to myself that is exactly where God wants me to be right at that moment. If I went home earlier than that…I might have seen something even worse that what I saw. 

Be thankful even for the little things which annoys us…God has reason for everything. 😉

May God continue to bless us.


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