True Love Waits

(based  on my friend’s life)

I was 11-year old when I first saw her. We were in the same class during 5th-6th grade. I sneak glances at her in class every once in a while, and I smile even at the thought of it now. She is everybody’s friend, she is bubbly, and outgoing while I am one of those students who stayed by myself during breaks.

Everything about her is simply pretty. I can still remember the way she would use her tiny fingers to tuck her hair behind her ears, the way she would laughed with her friends, and even how she would dressed humbly. She became a special part of me without her noticing until we graduated from grade school and we parted ways.

We didn’t go into the same high school. I didn’t hear anything about her then and didn’t think much about her as well because it was during that time when I got so addicted with online games particularly DOTA.

Three years passed and one fateful night at the wake of an old friend I saw her. She was in her bubbly outgoing self at that time and she waved at me. We talked for a bit before we parted again. My heart was beating real fast the whole time I was conversing with her. I really like her.

Days passed by and I couldn’t stay still, I asked our friends and old classmates for her phone number then finally I made contact with her. We exchange messages almost every day, then one day I invited her over a beach party in which she didn’t declined.

I save up all the courage to tell her how much I really like her ever since 5th grade. I formally courted her and with God’s grace we started dating. We were so happy and in love although we seldom see each other because of our studies. She was my first girlfriend and without hesitation I proudly introduced her to my parents.

After our high school graduation I went into their house and I was gladly entertained by her parents. We talked about our plans, our college plans, and so on. I told her that I was going to study away from our place and I am going to live in my uncle’s place for my college. With tears in her eyes she told me she would be faithfully waiting for my return.

We spent the few days before my departure making memories. I gave her our family’s heirloom ring as a sign that I will be loyal to her.

We finally parted as we both try to reach for our dreams. We talk late nights over the phone about our day and I thought everything is going to work out.

Few of my friends from our hometown contacted me that she is actually seeing another guy over there. I got mad at my friends for I thought they were making up those stories. I have faith in her and we continued talking over the phone.

Until I found out that the rumours were actually true. I talked with her over the phone, but all she ever said was “Sorry.” It was too painful for me to hear that all I manage to say was “Okay.” It wasn’t actually okay; I was dumped because she needs someone literally closer to her.

I was so down that time, and when I visited our hometown she returned the ring I gave her. I can see  how happy and contented she is on the moment so I tried to get on with my life.

I excelled in flair tending, gained reputation in my school and was recognized by my professors and fellow students.

Two years after our break up I accidentally run into her best friend, I asked her best friend how she’s doing. I saw hesitations on her best friend’s eyes before she finally confessed that she got married and she is already a mother to a one year old child and she wasn’t even able to reach her dreams nor finished college. I was devastated about it, and I even heard that she didn’t want me to learn about what happened in her life. I persuaded her best friend to give me her contact detail.

I sent a message out of concern and my undying care asking how she’s been doing all these years.  She replied:

“I just graduated, and I am now looking for a job. ”

I want to comfort her, and scold her at the same time, but I don’t have the power to do so. I let her believed that she was able to fool me.

                It’s been three years since we broke up and I am now about to graduate. I still miss her at times, and I still think about her.

                Now I am still holding on to the ring, and I will be patiently waiting for the right girl to wear this.


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