Blissful Night


I can’t seem to sleep well, lately as I’ve been thinking about this guy. I’ve never really think of him as much as checking our old pictures which I did at last midnight. As I scan through our old pictures on my laptop I tried to feel in the depths of me if there were still butterflies in my stomach, but there isn’t any more.

I deleted all our pictures. It’s been about a year since I had the courage to do this. I went out of the house for a midnight stroll after.

The cold breeze greeted me along with the chirping of some insects, I hugged myself as I watch the moon illuminates the night.

How nostalgic. I used to stare on the moon while talking to him over the phone exchanging sweet words and laughing together. It’s scary how feelings change within a blink of an eye, how scary when others remain loyal despite being ditched and dumped. How scary am I for waiting still despite being left abandoned.

I am still glad I came to know you, afterall you made me experience various of things like happiness and the sadness, you made me grow. We might be looking at the same sky, but I want you to know I am stronger and you taught me this though I learned it the hard way.

The thought of seeing you one day still gives me a bit pain and loneliness. The happy memories we once had, right now they became one of my saddest. 


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