Ignorance is A Bliss

So I started reading a forum about “Things I used to believe when I was still a child.

It made me reminisce some crazy, stupid, and weird things I used to believe way back I was still a child as well.

Here are some:

  1. The moon is following me.
  2. People on television are tiny people like dwarfs living inside the television.
  3. When people on television die, they really do die in real life.
  4. Whenever I watch music videos or advertisements over and over again, I thought the people involved  in it are replaying it over and over again just  for me.
  5. Lovers get pregnant by just kissing.
  6. A tree would grow from my stomach if I swallow a fruit’s seed. *I once swallowed a watermelon seed before and I couldn’t sleep for the night. After it I avoided eating watermelon until I learned I was stupid*
  7. I thought everything (rocks, food, stuffed animals etc) had emotions and physical feeling.
  8. That there was someone else in my head with me, so I tried talking to him in my head all the time.
  9. That cats and dogs are meant to be. Cats are all females and dogs are all males.
  10. If I did something with one side of my body, I had to do it with the other.

Truly  hilarious and ridiculous but I miss this days…



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