Too Soon

How can I forget the guy who taught me how to love? The guy who made me feel like I am the prettiest, and the most special girl?…The guy who  made me feel real happiness.

The guy I used to love.

I’ve been there. I fall in love at fifteen. I dated  the guy I love. Most girls would probably call it ‘magical’ days,  but I would rather call it ‘magical’…years.

Yes. I dated him for almost 4 years.

It’s probably one of most wonderful highlights of life. Having someone beside  me with the blessing of both our families.

Everything was  perfect, at least I thought it was, or rather I made myself believe like it was.

I never know what’s in store for us. I may never know God’s plans but I know it will always be for our best.

We might have broke the promises we made back then, but as I look back in our previous relationship, I realized it wasn’t the fairytale I thought it was. It wasn’t even near perfection.

Sometimes I still miss him. I can never deny that. Its just like I’ve been used to having him around but it doesn’t  mean I am regretful, or I want him back.

 I realize that all along in our relationship, I should have figured it out myself, it was just too soon for us.

One day I hope we could both find a place in our hearts to bring back the old us. The ‘us’ before we started dating, the ‘us’ who were good friends.

The ‘us’ who could talk about all stuffs, laugh at things, and I wish that whenever he would look back in our relationship, our memories could bring him to smile.

Because our memories  never fail to make me smile.

It  was  just too soon for us…


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