Memory of Regret

Enchanted as the bud blooms,

Forgetting one day it will come to wilt away,

Glancing at it once in a while, I thought it would be enough,

Suddenly it turns into a flower,

 It looks as if it would be there for eternity,

Hypnotize by its beauty, I forgot time is my enemy,

As sudden as how it blooms,

It was swept away, fade, and forgotten,

If only I touched it way back when I glance at it,

If only I knew there would be no tomorrow,

Might as well let the world know of its existence,

I was dumb fooling around, and lost,

While it is slowly losing its glow right in front of me,

I might still be young at that time,

But still it is a choice whether you grow or you wander,

Stuck in this labyrinth of pain,

Although  it gets lesser each day that passed,

Memories of regret keep on haunting me,

As this memories fades, in contrast I grow.



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