Are we where we want to be?

I was awaken by the loudness of the people around the house, there has been a commotion regarding an upcoming typhoon and an expected flood according to the authorities. I wasn’t even move nor worried about this not until I went to school this afternoon.

                I was shocked by how serious this news really is, it was the talked in the jeepney, chatter among my friends and even our class professors talked about this.

                I wasn’t paying attention to our class today, I was sitting at the corner of our classroom looking straight beyond the glass window. My eyes were anchored on the world outside our classroom. It was too calm, peaceful, and silent to the point wherein it is suspicious and creepy.

                One question I realize from that moment which still holds me from sleeping tonight is that, “If this could be the last day on earth, would I be still doing what I’m doing now?”.

                Must I be aware first that it’s the end of the world, before I start doing what I really wanted in my life? Or must I know I’m dying before I finally start moving?

                Everyday could be our last. Everyday.

                Sometimes we are blinded by the things we thought we want, and it’s the recollection of death which reminds us of the important things we truly wanted.

                Are we where we want to be?


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