Every day we are bound to make choices, various of choices which will make us grow and lead us to the future.

One of the most difficult choice I ever made was between…

“to leave or to stay”.

I have chosen to leave,

I can smile looking back at the dilemma I had back then, realizing that either of the choices were painful on my part.

I was once on a fairytale, there is nothing more I could wish for, I dated the guy I dreamed of with the consent of both of our families. He would visit me at my home and my parents are so fond of him and so am I whenever I would visit him at his place.

Life was like this for almost 4 years but then the witch came and ruined everything. Like every fairytale which I thought we were in, I’ve always been praying for him to never abandon me nor leave me.

But the witch out powered us, defeated me, and I was cast out of the scene. My prince was taken away lured by the witch’s spell which I wasn’t able to break.

One day, for the very first time I saw my prince with the witch in her black cloak, I was scared but I still tried to get closer to them. I was determined to get my prince back and finally break the spell but it was then that I realized the witch’s true identity.

It made the pain doubly heavier upon knowing that the witch was actually my best friend beneath the black cloak. Would I leave? Or would I stay?

I left them at peace.

My separation to my prince taught me real and helpful lessons in my life. First and foremost he is a prince but he was actually not the prince in my happy ever after fairytale.

Leaving him pains me so much but staying would not guarantee my happiness. Leaving him was one of the bravest things I ever did, and it takes me time to gather up all those courage to finally make it.  I can’t manage to stay with him when it would only mean we are physically together but deep within our hearts we are aware that we are already ….long ago separated.


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