In Memory of Sarutobi Asuma


Amazing how an anime could manage to remind me about a really important aspect of the real world. The death of Asuma Sarutobi in Naruto reminds me of how people may come and go in life. I cried a lot in the episode when he finally said his last words

It was heartbreaking especially when I have been watching him from Naruto up to shippuden and I witnessed him laugh, cry, and be in love, and it feels like…I am with him.

I realized the more you are emotionally attached to a person the more is the pain when they finally come to leave you and it is doubled when you shared tons of memories together.

You might find this as exaggeration, but seriously…his death feels like a death of my comrade too. Life must go on, but I will always try to remember him, forever if I can.


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