How I Grasp “The Cask of Amontillado” by Edgar Allan Poe

I believe that this piece revealed how the real world runs, betrayals, vengeance, anger, fake people which surrounds us, and trusting innocent ones beneath.

This short story  is filled with ironies, when we the readers know what’s about to happened but Fortunato is left  so unaware and innocent about what’s going on, which made the mood of the readers varry as how I observed. There are some who reads it as something comical because of the innocence of Fortunato in times when he didn’t know that Montressor is already mocking at him, but the first time I read it is same as every time I read it, I feel nothing less than sorrow.

Sorrow, when somehow by letting us see the perspective of Montressor somehow I see the situation of Fortunato which only readers are aware, and all I could do is sympathize.

Dramatic irony play in the story, there are also verbal ironies that Montressor uses against Fortunato and my favorite is…  “And I to your long life.”

            A very powerful phrase when we already know what he is planning to do next.

Another reason which made it great is how they used the perspective of the villain, I believe in this story Montressor is the villain who is planning to kill Fortunato, most stories would probably talk about the pitiful person, the bully one, and the poor person but in here it just revolves around in an unexpected manner.

And after reading this story I just try to recall all those villains in the films I’ve watched, in those mangas I’ve read, and  those in novels, and it made me think they are not really that evil at all, somehow someone made them one. And if we only hear the villains part in every story, maybe, just maybe we could understand them better than criticize them.

The main character Montressor, I can say is a round character type. Although at the very beginning I felt so sure about his evil plan, I felt that in the very end he hesitated for a bit.

Moving on, believe it or better it, when I say this story is a real evident of how humans are comlicated and how we live in our world.

“…when he ventured upon insult I vowed revenge.”

            There are times when we hurt others without really being aware of it. I am the kind of peson who easily get hurts and remember insults, which puts me in a situation really interested in this story. Although I am not the type of person who do stuffs just for the sake of revenge but I admit I do remember this things.

            “…to smile in his face, and he did not percieve that my smile now was at the thought of his immolation.”

            This reminds me about how complicated we people are. It can be relate to how people show you their adorable smiles but in times when your not around they turn your backs and stab you, right when you are so unaware, and right when you trust them whole heartedly.

The clown represents a very innocent person aside from being a funny one. Most people who plays comical role in our society are those who hurt others by their unintentional painful jokes.

Look at vice ganda. He can draw laughters from many of the peoples’ heart, but look at how he made some of his jokes, you can say that for a moment his subjects became a laughing stock on screen. A moment of embarrasment, televised, for me is not okay. I don’t hate him anyways, I can hear him apologize to people.

Sometimes we forget about these tiny details in life, sometimes we forget to ask people if we had hurt them, we forget to ask people if how they feel towards us, and sometimes we fail to ask a sincere “how are you”.

In this way we built others to implant revenge against us, without us knowing at all. We can see, but in the real world we live, everybody is blindfolded by the reality.

Indeed, it’s sorrowful how people wear mask right in front of you, how they decieve you with those smiles, but we never really knew what their up to.  Just like how Fortunato was never fortunate for having no hint all about what would happened next to him under Montressor’s evil plan.

We need to try to understand others, it’s barely possible to completely understand them, but we need to connect with them at the very least, it’s a key to untie our blindfold.

To go that low and do revenge is a no-no. I believe even Montressor regreted it.

in pace requiescat”

            I do believe these words is for Montressor’s peace own peace, internal peace not for commiting such crime but for having made one of the things he would absolutely carry on his life and regret.




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