Curvilinear Relationship

  I wasn’t even paying attention to our discussion one day. I was busy staring at a blank page of my notebook when I heard my teacher stressing the word “curvilinear relationship”. It was a numeric class but my mind was barely there, I was trying to connect it to the real word.

                As you see, our relationship with people is never as stable as a boring linear graph, it goes up and it goes down somewhere along your journey, and you are not in control of all the variables present in the field.

Relationship development starts with spark, ascending up and up, but some people feel stable after that and when they think they are at the peak… they chill and relax, lost direction, lay low, and without even noticing it they are already gradually descending, going down, falling from the used-to-be sparkling relationship they have.

Relationship like our iPhone, iPad, and all i’s there is…it needs the maintenance the most. Do not settle for the top, always aim to ascend above the top, always cherish what you have by never forgetting their importance.

I was once on top with someone, I thought it was alright that way, I thought I was in control of the situation, but somehow, he left me and he slide down the graph. So down, and so far that I couldn’t even recognize him.

I’ve done my part, so no regrets. For the people out there who are on the peak and descending down, always remember once you fall and you climb back again, there is only a few chance that you will met again the same person you left behind.



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