Opening up your bias eyes

We often stumble and fall. That’s life.

At times when facing a really difficult situation we come to think that we are the most unfortunate person in the whole wide world. We often asks ourselves

“why us?”

“why us among everyone?”



These are the times when we are blinded by our own circumstances, blinded by our greediness about life. We always try to look up and remember troubles while we tend to enjoy  but left  great stuff unnoticed.

I’ve been through a lot this week. A lot, like having the feeling that I was the most unlucky person on earth, feelings  like “why me?”, I had that once.

But then my friends opened up my eyes into seeing things my eyes refuse to see. I have a great family, I have great friends, above all I have God in my heart.

Doesn’t it make things even?

I might be sad at one point but with all that I have, I need to stand up and pick myself up not only for me but for every person rooting for me. After all life is too short and before we notice it, we might have lost more than half of our lives playing stupid emo on the corner losing count of the days.

Let’s enjoy our life, for better of for worst… it’s a vow we even need to pledge for ourselves before anyone else. We are still here while some others have met their demise.

Doesn’t it make sense?

Let’s mourn for a second but let us try our best to spent most of our days productively and happily 😉


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