My Last Will

  1.  I wanna be cremated if possible, but it seems painful too. Traditional one would be fine too.
  2. I want to donate my cornea to someone in need of it.
  3. Trust me, I won’t love to see people crying so hard every wake of mine. You can laugh too or else I will be a troubled ghost.
  4. Hillsongs/ Don Moen songs must be played every night during my wake.
  5. Last night before my burial, I want people to play songs which reminds them of me, I hope people won’t miss Linkin Park, My Chemical Romance, Maroon V, Simple Plan, and A7x.
  6. Never bury with me or place anything inside my coffin. All my stuffs must be utilize for the living and not for my body. *if possible*
  7. I don’t know how people would love or hate using stuffs of someone dead but i guess you can’t refuse a wish from a dead at least. xD
  8. I love my parents so much.
  9. I love my brother and sister so much.
  10. I love and I am so blessed to be born with the kind of family I have.
  11. I don’t want me ex-boyfriend to take a glance at my dead body, I want him to remember the smiling face I had when we last saw each other.
  12. I don’t know what to wear, perhaps my college course short would be great too. It would be even better if I would appear in fashion inside my coffin, let me wear some danglings or huge belt 🙂
  13. I want my crazy videos to be played in front of every people I love.
  14. I want my tomb to be simple one, I don’t want it to be cemented or tiled. I just want it to be made covered with soil and planted with flowers.
  15. If possible, I want people to have access on my online account like facebook, crunchyroll, twitter, deviantart, skype, and inform all my online friends of what happened to me 🙂

I have plenty of things on my mind still, perhaps some other time then. haha


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