Mortals Do Vary

I was on the mall late this day, while lining up in the cashier to pay for my groceries I saw a commotion about 5 meters away from where I stand. I can clearly see the faces of the people involved. I don’t really know the whole story but my heart was torn into pieces when in between the chaotic situation I saw this little girl crying and was even struggling in breathing. The father who is on his late 30’s hugged her  while her mother was asking for water on the nearby ice cream booth for their daughter.

The other party was a guy in his 20’s with his girlfriend and he was still so eager to punch the little girl’s father  and I can see the fear on the child’s eyes as well as in her mother while her father was pleading for forgiveness with sincerity.

The guard came and stopped them but its so disappointing that after a while the guard left and few more minutes the guy did punch the little girl’s father and for a second I thought the little girl would collapse, she seems to have a weak heart. The father hurriedly hugged her and they were crying but the other party just left like nothing ever happened while the child with her father and mother was left on the same spot looking so pitiful and poor.

How can a person with such personality exist? I don’t know the whole story, I might be biased in this case, but isn’t it enough reason to stop when you see how poor the other party looked? Isn’t the child’s cries enough for you to noticed that its too much already?

In my perspective he was being inconsiderate and unforgiving in a situation wherein he must, he didn’t even have conscience to start with. I don’t care what reasons he have to do it but to do it right in front of an innocent child is very unforgivable. I know the impact of that incident would be planted in the child’s mind.

I am not perfect, I seldom judge people, I wasn’t even able to help, but one thing I’m sure about myself is that in my 18 years on this world I have developed and nourished my conscience well and I can’t remember a time wherein I hurt and humiliate somebody.

William Safire once said “Only in grammar can you be more than perfect.” Nobody is indeed perfect that’s why pencils have erasers but humans don’t so I hope both party’s would reflect about the incident and learn from it. I pray.

Romans 3:10

As it is written: “None is righteous, no, not one;


2 thoughts on “Mortals Do Vary

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